Covey Auto Express is Chrysler corp. largest provider on the west coast. We deliver over 100 thousand  vehicles from  rail distribution centers, and dealerships. We are EDI capable with all domestic and global manufacturers, our national quality performance exceeds the goals set by our customers.


Covey Auto Express provides marshalling and storage services, allowing customers to distribute vehicles in a controlled and efficient manner. Our customers can move cars across the county while they determine where to deliver them at a later time. They can be stored at our facilities throughout the US, in a secure, paved, and lit location. We can easily handle temporary contracts to flex up or flex down inventory.


Our auto carriers are equipped with GPS technology that communicates with us via sattelite, providing the location of  vehicles currently in route to their destination. Our inventory management system provides real-time information on vehicle arrival, movement, and departure at each of our facilities.


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